I am an architect with long-term experience, gained in internationally renowned architectural practices. Having two Master Degrees, in Interior Architecture and in Architecture, I have worked in various disciplines at different scales, ranging from urban planning and large architectural projects, to interior architecture, scenography and exhibition design.
I worked and lived in the Netherlands until 2002, when I moved to Italy. My professional training in the Netherlands had a characteristic imprinting in residential, social, and housing projects, while my activity in Italy mostly developed in the context of public building and urban planning. In this Italian period, I was a successful Masterplanner and Competition architect, winning several prizes and competitions. In 2018, I moved to Germany for professional opportunities, where I successfully worked as an architect/senior project manager on large projects. I gained experience in renovation and refurbishment projects, and in 2022, as a project manager, I delivered a 37.000 m2 faculty for the Goethe University in Frankfurt.
In addition to working with architectural studios, I have developed my own projects since the beginning of my career. My projects often involve collaboration with other architects, designers and visual artists. My latest project is a small community building for social gatherings in my home village in Italy, a sustainable and socially resilient project. Throughout my career, I have won several prizes and competitions and have been invited to participate in and curate various exhibitions. In the past, I have published several articles and have been the editor of an architectural magazine.
Thanks to my solid expertise, experience and social skills, I manage projects in all their phases and have the ability to lead more than one team at a time effectively, focusing on the talent and professional development of team members. I am used to building and maintaining good relationships with clients, consultants and stakeholders, ensuring that projects are qualitatively and harmoniously managed.
My conceptual and analytic thinking ability has been recognized by all studios I worked with and it enables me to encounterassignments with deep understanding, keen perception and a problem-solving attitude. I have a consolidated capacity in conceptual and innovative design, with particular attention both to sustainable urban planning and architecture and to social sustainability. Thanks to my international career, I learned four languages at a professional level.