Cascina Merlata Milano

Closed design competition at the North Westside of Milano. This city extension makes part of a regional vision of the city’s development. The introduction of ecological zones is one of the bearer of this vision. The competition brief asked great attention for this aspect and with it a vision for the sustainable development of the new city extension. The new district, with 5.220 inhabitants, education cluster, commercial centre, is mainly self-consisting for its energy consumption and resources. A lot of attention was rewarded to crosslink the new park at the eastside of the location with the new housing district. The park is actually drawn into the district. The competition program leads to a high density neighbourhood, where the presence of the car is reduced to its minimum. The major part of daily facilities are situated along the pedestrian and bicycles route in North South direction. To preserve pluralism in the district the three different market segments, social housing, subsidised sale and free market, are equally spread over the project.

Client Euromilano
Area 530.000 m2