Future-E Alessandria

The transformation of this former electricity production area aims at bringing back its historical agrarian context and, at the same time, making the site an enjoyable public space, in a ludic and sustainable way.
The approach is the result of a thorough analysis of the site, the agricultural context in which it is situated and the closeness of the city of Alessandria, Italy. The main objective is the creation of an aggregation area, a public “green” space where to spend your time with simple activities, like reading, having a break, relax and play. A big meadow.  Beneath this big meadow a building is constructed, representing the economic value of the area. This underground building characterizes the urban attraction of the city nearby, introducing a mixed-use program from cinemas to educational structures. The big meadow, of 66.000 m2 area, will be maintained by grazing animals and agrarian activities like the production of hay. These two elements represent the concept of “Meet-Agro”, a public park in the form of an agricultural landscape that hosts metropolitan activities.

Client Enel Spa Italy
Team Vincent Jeanson Parc Studio Aline de Moura Nunes Studio VIME
Area Urban Redevelopment Landscape Architecture
cinema hall