Geuzenveld Amsterdam

Geuzentuinen is an expressive project, where an enormous diversity of apartment types are brought under one direction than results into pronounced blocks with a strong coherent identity in a very high density (138 d. on 0.8 ha net). Very precious in the project are the collective gardens and the diagonal views through the green gardens that liaise with the relation between the three urban blocks.
“This new interpretation of urban-garden blocks or  “print in combination” with collective gardens, instead of traditional family houses with private gardens that is the general Dutch solution in redeveloping cities, is highly deserving and admirable.” From the jury report of the THE INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AWARDS, the Chicago Athenaeum, museum of architecture and design.

The project won several national and international prizes.

Client Het Oosten Woningcorporatie, de Principaal
Area 0.8 hectare • Built up area: 35,000 m2 Residences: 138 units • Cost of construction: €14,000,000